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where in GreeceFolklore-Ethnological Museum (Laografiko-Ethnologiko Mouseio), is at Odos Vasilissis Olgas 68. A 19th century mansion housing popular art of northern Greece. Photos and models depict urban and rural architecture; regional costumes; photos of fire-walking ceremonies (dancing on a bed of hot coals); costumes and dwellings of the Sarakatsani (nomadic mountain shepherds of Greece); Karagiozhis shadow theater and pre-industrial era daily life, including wonderful weaving and spinning exhibits. Calendrical festivals, both religious and agricultural, are given attention as well. Texts for exhibits in Greek and English.

church of AcheiropoietosAghios Dimitrios main Thessaloniki cathedral and largest basilica in Greece, marks the site of the martyrdom and tomb of the patron saint of Thessaloniki. Restored after fire of 1917. The church is dated to the 5th century, became a mosque from 1491 to 1912 and some remains of Roman baths and a minaret remain. Ancient columns in this church are crowned with capitals of green, red, and white marble.

The deservedly famous mosaic of 'Aghios Dimitrious Flanked by the Church's Two Founders' is one of many mosaics in the church. (Open Mon 1:30pm-7pm;Tues to Sun 8am-7:30pm;free). The Crypt is reached by a stairway descending from the apse. Legend has it that the oil with miraculous powers which flowed from the saint's tomb flowed into the semi-circular basin here (part of the Roman bath where Dimitrios was imprisoned before his martyrdom). The crypt was disovered after the great fire of 1917. (Open Mon 1:30to 7:30, Tues to Sat 8am to 7:30pm, Sun 10:30am to 7:30pm;free).

Alaca Minaret mosqueAlaca Minaret mosque (left) built in 1484 by Ishak Pasha, governor of Thessaloniki under Sultan Bayazid II. and was also used as a hospital for the poor. Domes remain, though only part of the minaret. On Odos Kassandrou on a little square, not far from the Turkish baths (below).

Bey Hamami on the east corner of Platia Dhikastirion, this is the largest Turkish bath house in Greece; built 1444 by Sultan Mourad II and in use until 1968. Ornamented doorway, art exhibitions.(open Mon-Fri 9am-9pm;Sat and Sun 8:30am to 3pm;free).

Yahudi Hamam in the old Jewish quarter of the same name, this is a 16th century Jewish bath house, now occupied by a flower market.

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