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Train and Rail Travel in Macedonia Northern Greece Page 1 (see Greece train map)

This is a very different kind of Greece from the barren Greece of the much visited Aegean islands, with very different landscapes and regional cultures. Its greener by far!

Macedonia (Ma-ke-do-nee-ea, in Greek) is the largest province/prefecture in all of Greece. It extends from the northern part of the long Pindos range in the west to the Aegean coast near Mt. Olympus in the east, and encompassing the Thermaic gulf, Thessaloniki, and the three-pronged peninsula of Halkidhiki, to its eastern border with Greek Thrace at the Nestos River. It is bounded in the north by Albania, FYROM, and Bulgaria (from west to east). To the south it is bounded by Thessaly.

There is spectacular nature in this huge province, with mountains, lakes, rolling and wooded land with rivers and stone bridges; there are wildlife reserves with wolves and bears as well. Thrace (Thraki in Greek), stretches east from the Nestos River to the Evros River, which forms the border with Turkey (with the Turkish portion of the old region of Thrace, now split between the three modern nations of Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey). To the south of this long and narrow province, which, along with Macedonia was added to Greece only in 1923, is the Sea of Thrace (part of the Aegean), and in the north by the heavily forested Rhodope Mountains which form the border between Bulgaria and Greece.

The railway station of Thessaloniki is the largest in all of the Balkans. Its construction was commissioned during the 1930s by the Dictator Ioannis Metaxas, who wanted a station that would proclaim the glory of ancient Greece. Completion was delayed, however, until 1954, due to WWII and the Greek Civil War, and the station finally built was a bit simpler, though still quite grand, with its marble fascade. It has in-house postal and telecommunications offices and its own chapel. Buses stop outside, and many bus lines have their terminus here. There are many bus or car trips possible from Thessaloniki, a very popular destination being the Halkidhiki peninsula.

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