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The 'City of Victory' or Nicopolis in Greek was founded by Julius Caesar's heir Octavian to celebrate his victory over Marc Anthony at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. It lies on the western side of Greece on the Ionian Sea about a 5 hours drive from Athens.

Its founding spirits were Roman veterans but it later forcibly brought in inhabitants from other surrounding towns such as Kassope.

It had a Roman name: Coloinia Agusta Actium and a Greek name: Civita Libera Nicopolitana and was the capital of the provence of Epirus from 67 AD.

Nicopolis faired well under the Romans but suffered heavy damage from the earthquake of 375 BC and from the invasions of the Goths. It remained important in the early Christian period and had 6 basilicas.

In the stadium every 4 years were held the Aktia gymnastic and musical contests. Excavations, still ongoing have revealed many of the monuments also depicted on coins minted by the city.

There is a 6th C Basilica and also worth attention are the foundations of the odeon-boulefterion, the west gate, and several luxury houses.

The odeon-boulefterion right. Hours 08:30 to 17:00, fee.

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