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Harry's Greek Food and Wine Tips Page 2

Tipping in Greece

The tip is included in the price of the meal. If the service was decent and I didn't wait too long to order or for my food I tip decently. Plan on tipping, about 10%.

If there is an extra waiter or a bus boy leave some small change on the table for him or her too. You do not have to tip.

Greeks will sometimes leave a pitiful amount for a tip but that's harder to do with the euro for some reason. French and English people are tied for being the worst tippers, Germans are a close second! Come on! FCOL!

Water, meat and fish safety in Greece

Food Is generally safe in mainland Greece and so is the water.
On Islands ask about the water.

BOMBA WARNING: Cocktails and Call Liquor Drinkers
in bars, cafeterias, discos and night clubs

Read this about "Bomba" locally distilled alcohol and highly illegal substitute alcohol used in many bars through out Greece on unsuspecting locals and foreigners alike

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