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small water 

bottom shelf right - click to see this largerNow Listen up this is Important!
Because You'll be seeing a lot of these kiosks or Peripterals

The Ubiquitous Kiosk

clcik to see largerTraditionally Kiosk a.k.a. Periptero licenses were awarded to the Anipirous or disabled war veterans of Grecian conflicts and are still propagated through a prize winning Byzantine inheritance system.

What customers do is: open the fridge door, grab the refreshments you want, walk over to the periptero and pay the attendant. Do not ask them to get it for you.

Water costs 1 euro and 50 euro cents respectively and don't pay more. Here is a typical outdoor kiosk or periptero cooler, its a free standing refrigerator and there on the bottom right shelf; the small water bottles. Click to see larger

On the other shelves one may find, and this depends on the periptero owner I guess: fruit juices, sodas, milk, power drinks, soft drinks, beers and wine coolers too. In Greece you can order scotch whiskey or a cinzano or campari soda in a movie theater so why not beer from a sidewalk cooler?

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