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Harry's Greek Food and Wine Tips Page 4

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dont believe they sell magazines click hereStrung around the periptero you will see Magazines, newspapers, potato chip/crisps (pronounced "tseeps") , Chewing gum with lots of American brands, Candy Bars with American, Greek & Swiss brands, lighters and may even purchase prophylactics, batteries, porno videos, naughty magazines, newspapers, nice magazines, stupid magazines, inane magazines, absurd magazines and a myriad of other items: cigarettes, lighters and so on. And many also sell magazines of every type and description in case you didn't notice already. Then there are the peripteros with no magazines at all and just when you wish you had something to read so dont get cocky about reading matter!

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see largerIn fact the publishing business is huge in Greece - Greek society sees Publishing as the road to power, you start small and work your way up to TV and Politics in the end! The big publishers pull the strings - Heck even G. W. Bush senior is here right now on a Greek Publishers (Liatsis) yacht vacationing. Mr. Liatsis makes his yacht available to royalty and other political and financial movers and shakers. What a philanthropist! At least George has good taste in vacation locales! But I digress yet again! Click right to get a really good idea of what a well stocked periptero has to offer, many unfortunately, are not as well stocked as Omonia Sq or this one in Syntagma aka Constitution Sq. Athens.

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