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Meat in Greece
Moscow-reese-ee-os for beef
Hear-ee-nosse for pork
Ko-To-pou-LO for chicken
Loo-Ka-nee-Ko for sausage

chops of meat 

on the barbie or grill cobber clickYou know they say a picture is worth a thousand words? To See what they mean by that click on these pictures left and right and get a righteous picture of the way meat is very often traditionally served here in Greece and the whole Levant. 

The plate of meat above left is a chop which in Greece is called a Bree-Zo-La.  Chops can be beef or pork.
That's Moscho-reese-ee-os for beef or Hear-ee-nosse for pork. Charcoal Grills are a very common method of cooking in Greek traditional restaurants.


Mt Falakro r Bald MountainSince Greece has its own domestic sheep, pigs, goats and chickens you can, more often than not, dine like a member of Euro-Parliament on a working vacation. Or for short euro cents.

On this menu (a traditional Greek Cypriot restaurants' menu), the most expensive thing (the veal) costs 8 euro!




rottiseried meats lamb, codo souvli, kokoretsiThe best cuts of pork on many menus are called sparo nefri and are the most expensive things on the menu and usually very good. Filet or Fee-letto is the best cut of beef. Say Filet Mignon enough times and they'll get the idea. Last time I bought any filet mignon at the butcher it was 19 eu the kilo. The Athens central market is where to buy meat freshest and least expensive. Its true that you can ask your local butcher for the best cut of meat he has and then you will get steak quality meat or fillet mignon but its @30% more expensive than the central market for sure! Same with fish!

More meat: Rotisserie lamb, codo souvli, kokoretsi! YUM!

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