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here is an extensive menu click to see largerThe oinomagerios within the Athens 

central market menu pictures above tooIncidentally the central market is where the restaurateurs where you will be munchng buy a lot of the food that they will be serving you.

And speaking of Greek Restaurants, one of the ones I recommend within the market is pictured right and called "the Ipiros" and it is, to me at least, a new twist in Greek restaurant genre!

dining in the marlet - this is another optionWe got the taverna, we got the speestaria (grill), we got  the ouzeri (ouzo bar), we got the tsipouradiko (tsipouro bar), we got the koutoukaki (hip traditional Greek) and now we got the Oinomagerio wine restaurant! Click the menu photo above to see an extensive offering in Englsh and Greek. There are plain vegitable dishes including soups too. Photo left shows yet another restaurant within the market. Plain, simple, fresh and inexpensive! These people know how to cook too!

Fish in Greece

Fish is available, expensive and usually pretty good but in summer be wary of its freshness. After all things can go bad a lot faster in summer when its 95 F. Better be safe than sorry! Just in case you forgot: Fresh fish have dark shiny eyes, not dull opaque ones. They don't smell either or at least very little. In most sea food restaurants you'll see a case where you can pick out your own personal fish so look at its eyes. If it blinks back eat it! Watch out for the bones too! If a bone should get stuck in your throat a piece of bread will help dislodge it or the embarrassing heimlich maneuver.

The fish you choose will be weighed then and there and you will be charged according to the daily market price of the fish. So you'll be able to compare what the restaurant is charging you with what the Athens Central Fish Market charges you (locally fresh caught on-island fish should be less in theory) and what a local street market vendor (Lie-ee-ki Ago-ra) will try and charge you here are some prices. A kilo (KG) is a thousand grams and weighs 2.2 lbs. .
Click fish pics below to see larger prices April 07:
Left to right > Salmon 7.95 kg (Solomos), Gild Head Bream (Tsipoura) 3.98KG, Couch's Sea Breem or (Fagri) 17eu kg. CLICK TO SEE LARGER IMAGES

salmon 7/95 kg tsipoura 3.98kg couch's sea breem 


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