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the marlet on a slow dayI bought some salmon last Saturday at the local Exarhia Street Market (called the Liakee Agora) to cook up for my girlfriend and myself and paid 11 EU for a KG. Then because I like salmon I went down to the Athens Central Market 3 days later and bought some more. At the market I only paid 8 EU for a KG and it was fresher too!

I marinate it with soy sauce and olive oil for a few hours in a plastic bag and then pan fry it or broil it and it comes out 'magnifique' every time! Unfortunately they do not have scallops in Greece. These prices change with the season of course and they go up as we make fish extinct. which is exactly what we are doing and you have to be blind or a fisherman not to see it.

Raw shell fish should always contract when lemon juice is squeezed on it too! You can die from bad shell fish although no one has here as far as I know, nor have I heard of any contamination of beds either. Oysters (ah-he-vadhia) are rare but do exist in some localities during July & August. Clams (mheedia) are more common. Fish are expensive unless you buy them yourself at the fish market (icthi-poleo) or on an island or in a coastal area direct from the "psa-ra-des" (fisherman) which you can do if you get up early enough. You can even catch them yourself with a spear gun (sparo-toufeko) or fishing pole (kalami yia sparema) and take them into a Taverna and they will cook them for you/serve them to you for a fee. I've done it, its no big deal depending on the Taverna (better ask the chef first). This kind of fishing can be a big relief from the monotony of the island grind and beach scene. Its also good exercise and you can purchase mask, fins, snorkel, and spear guns here in Athens for less and on islands for more. I doubt they'll let you on the plane these days armed with a spear gun? Sharks are very rare in Greece.

Left to right > Giant Black Shrimp (Garyee-dees) 38 eu kg, 2 varieties of Squid (Kalamaria) 7 and 10 eu kg., 2 varieties of Octopus larger and smaller from the look of it costing 9 and 11 eu kg (Octopodi). CLICK TO SEE LARGER IMAGES

Giant black shrimp kalamaria squid octopus is octopodi 

in greek

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