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Ancient Athens in Plaka
the Monument of Lysicrates & Lord Byron

The Choragic Monument of Lysicrates in Athens Plaka District Page 3

lysicrates librarylysicrates capuchin convent le royJohn Galt, another philhellene wrote about his stay there:

"I have taken up my lodgings in the Capuchin convent, belonging to the Propaganda of Rome.

The Choreographic Monument of Lysicrates... is attached to it and serves as a closet to the friar who has charge of the house. He has given me the use of it, and I have no less a pleasure, at this moment, than writing in one of the oldest and most elegant buildings in Europe."

It was in this now non-extant convent that the famous and beloved of the Greeks', Poet Lord Byron took shelter for several months in 1810 and wrote his famous poem, which actually rhymes too, inspired by a charming Athenian girl, Theresa Macri.


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