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Odeon of Herod Atticus Page 3

ahtens greece tourism guide acropolis south slopeThe theaters stage is 116' wide and 26' deep. Beneath it was a reservoir as precaution in case of fire. Its floor of wood was accessed by 3 stairways, one of which remains. The stages background was decorated with a colonnade about 5 ' from the back wall which had 3 doors and 8 niches. The niches contained statues, probably those of the Muses.

Above the columns there was another story, a sort of balcony or narrow gallery on which the Gods appeared every time a Tragedy or Satirical drama was presented. At about 16' off the stage are a row of holes in which were placed the beams which supported the roof of ornamented and gilded cedar wood.

ahtens greece tourism guide acropolis south slopeThe Romans conducted their plays differently from the Greeks in that the actors performed on the very front part of the stage called the 'Proscenium' where as the Greeks played only in the orchestra. During the Roman occupation and since the Romans had somewhat different tastes than the Greeks, gladitorial combats or even sea battles could be performed.

Above right, a live performance of an ancient Greek play in the 'Herodiou'. A brilliant one too!

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