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Transport Kaningos Square Buses

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Above left is the Kaningos Sq. bus stop heading towards Syntagma Sq., center the bus depot directly across the street and right the yellow booth where the ticket seller sits during the day. Some Kiosks also sell tram. trolly and bus tickets and are open longer hours.
Download transport Map of Athens with routes pdf map of Athens routes

Fast Food, Coffeee and Sweets in Kaningos

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Above left and center is the "Goodies" restaurant menu and interior wall menu. Goodies is Greece's answer to Mcdonalds amd has more variety and healthier items too. Far right is the Paradosiako (old fashioned style) Greek Restaurant menu I promised you above and thats what this place is actually called 'Paradosiako' and its on Gladstonos Streeet just off the square as are a variety of other eating options available to you.

Below left is the Flocafe a sweet shop cafe chain that's better than average and all over the city. Below center is a nameless sandwich fast food place where you can either have a custom built sandwich or pick one ready made. Far right is a Thessaloniki style cheese pie establishment called "O Meraklies" with a variety of pre-baked pies with various fillings salty and sweet. Their specialty is the Boogatsa. Click to see these two last larger.

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