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Fokionos Negri, Kypseli Snap Shots

Below are assorted pictures of the Fokionos Negri section of the Kypseli Quarter of the City of Athens Greece. This area is a destination for many Athenians and not only a good place to walk but also to have a coffee, ice cream, drink or dinner or lunch. There is an internet cafe or two as well. It is particularly lively at night.

fokionos negri athens greece fokionos negri athens greece fokionos negri athens greece

Below  left is a small fountain with a statue of a water nymph, this is a natural spring fed fountain and right in the middle of the thoroughfare surrounded by benches making for a pleasant place to sit. Bottom center: an internet cafe with several computers available. There are many fine restaurants and if one continues past the thorough fare they will shortly arrive at Kypseli Square one of the last nice old Athenian Squares where children play as their parents and grandparents stand watch over them with eagle eyes, others so inclined may eat as I have often done at the excellent and inexpensive tavernas lining the square. The map bottom right is worth ckicking on to see larger!

fokionos negri athens greece fokionos negri athens greece the home made fast food joint the spitiko CLICK LARGER MAP OF KYPLSELI WITH STORES

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