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Day Trip Temple of Amphiareion
Near Oropos and Beaches

Temple of Amphiareion


Amphiaros is a lesser know ancient Greek diety who had 12 temples and sanctuaries devoted to him. Like Asklipion, his popularity as a god-hero was due to healing and divining power.

According to myth Amphiaros wasnt born of woman but sprang from the fountain of Oropos neaby.

Amphiaros martial powers were vaunted and he participated in the Argonautic campaign, and later during the seige of Thebes by the Argeans. Zeus, himself intervened to save his life.

This is his most important temple theater viewand it lies on the border between Attica and Boeotia prefectures, 48 km from Athens.





Temple of AmphiareionThere are several nice beaches near by. The site is dominated by an ancient theater which seats 3,000. The temple will be found near the spring related to the myth and was built in the Doric order during the 4th C BC.

Getting There:

By Car: take the National Athens-Lamia Highway North from Athens and turn right at the Oropos sign.

By Bus: Athens Mavromateon Terminal to Aghio Apostoli or Oropos. 3 km walk from terminus to temple.