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Excursion: Ancient Greek Temple of Ramnous - Harry's Athens Greece City Guide

Temples of Ramnous (Kato Souli Rhamnounda)

12 KM from Marathon lies Ramnous with its two ruined temples. This is one of the least spoiled sites in Attica and worth visiting more for its romantic isolation and beauty than any major archeological ruins.

The larger temple was dedicated to Nemesis Goddess of Divine Justice and was built circa the 6th C BC. Nemesis was the compensating goddess, measuring out happiness and misery. She took special care of those with lofty ideas about themselves and punished those with 'hubris' or prideful people!

The smaller temple is dedicated to Themis. This goddess personified law, equity and custom and was Nemesis right hand in dispensing justice. Tycho or Fortune was their cousin. Greeks today still  use this today in modern parlance. Tyche is luck. Pronounced "tee-hee".