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The many faces of Syntagma Square's Culinary Art Page 5

Remember that only a few short steps away begins the Plaka with its unique myriad of Greek restaurant cliches and the Plaka is a the Hotel Athens Plaza's Menu click to see largerought to have fun experience while in Athens.

Some Major Changes to the square

If you thought the HRC is pricey wait until you see the walk in menu of the NVC Grecotel Athens Plaza pictured on the above right, but at least, in the hotel, you get treated to a more elegant ambiance. It has a more special feel to it somehow and you know you are going first class all the way! The food is actually priced about the same as the HRC but there are other expensive items.

Now the NVCGAP hotel is back in Constitution Square proper, in fact, its part of the triumvirate, above left that makes up the best 5* hotels in Athens for location.They are: from Right to Left: The Grand Bretagne, King George the 1st and the Athens Plaza.

here are 

the three 5* hotelsI took my lady friend to the roof top terrace of the G. B. for her birthday dinner and for the great Acropolis views and it happened to be a full moon too! If I had to choose, I would choose the GB. My parents were introduced to one another there too.

Syntagma's Faster Food

Hotel across Mcdonalds and gooodiesOk enough about expensive sit down restaurants! How about some 'on the hoof' 'finger food' tips? I thought so, you are just dying to try some of these enticing, new to your palate, Grecian flavors. That's good and you will be glad you did too.For a more complete discussion of Greek foods kindly see Harry's Greek Food and Wine Guide.

We've already discussed Mcdonalds and Goodies so lets flirt with the Coulouri Stand, Katselis bakery, Pita Pan, and assorted street vendors which you will find in Syntagma Sq. Click any of these photos below to see them larger.

the coo-loo-ree stand Right is the Syntagma Sq Coulouri Stand, A coo-loo-ree is a piece of 'nutrition free' white bread in a circle with sesame seeds on it and this stand sells them and other variations of bread products which are baked fresh daily. There are different kinds of Coulouri too - I like the crisp ones with extra free radicals. Coulouries vary in price but usually cost 40 to 50 cents each to buy but don't really fill you up to speak of.

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