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Click the graphic for service the mall offers patrons. What I really remember most about the old Tameion Building building besides its central courtyard (which is still there) is that it was rumored to house a branch of the CIA in the guise of the U.S.I.S. or Radio Free Europe. But that's not what impressed me!

What impressed me were the continuous loop elevators! A never ending band like from an In like Flynt movie or the twilight zone series which, as it passed by, only gave you a few seconds to make your move in or out! Now that was cool and unique in my limited experience.

clickWhat would happen if you never got off? Some awful fate? Whisked away to some magical environment maybe?

Crushed like a milopita? Now we will never know. A Milo-pita BTW is as American as apple pie only its a Greek hand held version commonly availed - follow your nose & try one. Its one of the few words in Greek pronounced like its spelled. Milo is an apple as in the Venus de Milo which was found on Milos but made from marble from nearby Paros (Parian marble) - for a quick overview of what you will be exposed to when hungry: Greek hand food - read this.


more on services same as below reallyServices of the Attika Mall

The mall has some pretty cool services that will make your life easier if you are staying in the area or just passing through.





    Hotel Delivery

  •  Your purchases sent straight to your hotel
  • Tax Free Shopping

  •  Non EU member residents only Attention everybody else!
  •  Save the 19% VAT
  •  120 eu minimum purchase necessary
  •  Ask for your Global Refund Check
  • VIP Room

  •  Plus a personal shopper to assist you

    Cash refund without exchange

    Largest Department Store in Greece

  • Over 800 brand names
  • Lockers

  • Basement level
  • ATM Machine

  • Ground and sixth floor
  • Free Alterations

  • Within 2 days
  • Special Needs Access

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