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map east sterea ellada Delphi Central Greece

The Oracle of Delphi is a HUGE must see in Greece!

Delphi (bottom far right map left) lies in Sterea Ellada a.k.a. Central Greece a huge area, stretching from the Ionian Sea in the west, all the way to the Aegean off the east coast of the long island of Evia (Euboea) to the east of Attiki (Attica).

Delphi was purposely chosen for its disorienting physical location.

That's what I think anyway, see if you agree.

The ancient soothsayers liked the set up so much they called it the navel of the world. The Omphalos. Go figure.

Sheer cliffs enclosing a defile which slopes majestically to the sea sort of.the tholos not sure what  There were no flat areas, nowhere you could get your back to a wall and dig in your heels so to speak. Maybe its just me but I call that disorienting

Back then, If you wanted the scoop, you journeyed to ask the pythoness.  The Pythoness would put on a show by inhaling sulphur fumes from the handy cleft in the earth. She'd mummer and babble in strange tongues to her initiated priest who in turn would interpret/translate for the client. Oh yea I forgot, it wasn't free, but anybody could ask, If they could afford the sacrifice and related expenses.

Answers were invariably obtuse and open to wide interpretation. Great empires were occasionally made and lost on these politically correct answers.

Delphi is is one of those magnetic places you read about in new age journals waiting in the dentists office. Its where bands of energy seem to intersect and do their thing. Whether or not you believe in Oracles or not see if you agree.

Delphi a.k.a. Delfi, stous Delphous

aerial phot delphi sanctuary

Although this site is best known for its ancient sanctuary devoted to Apollo, which was a center of oracular prophesy for a millennium, it is also an awesome and inspiring setting (no doubt the reason for the carving out of the sanctuary there) and also a place rich in flora and fauna. These are at their best during the times of the year when heat and tourists are not (!)

In spring season there are a large variety of flowers right near the site and also in the part of the town which has not been grazed. Near the stadium an endemic woundwort grows, and above the stadium, more flowers, including some orchids. In fact, just about everywhere in the area are flowers, including the cliffs.

types of owls in Greece

Birds are also abundant, with rock nuthatches, a variety of buntings, woodlarks, Sardinian and other warblers, goldfinches, blue rock thrushes, owls, and others. Spring is the time to see many birds here.

Birds of prey include peregrines and golden eagles, griffon vultures, and honey buzzards, though most of them don't nest here. Butterflies and lizards are also present.