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Central Greece Mt. Tymfistos

map sterea ellada central greece

This is a high mountain 2315 meters (7593 feet) located above the town of Karpenissi in the central part of the southern Pindos mountains.

It is a mountain whose slopes have been pretty much been stripped bare by extended grazing, with only a few patches of Greek fir; the lower slopes are maquis (left), with thistle, Spanish broom, a species of hawthorn, and the like.

There are some flowers that last into summer at the highest levels, with some flowering shrubs lower down.

Mt. TymfistosBirds and butterflies are found on the mountain, though it is not an exceptional sladaniaite for either. A road leading to a ski center gives easy access, and passing through the various habitats; a huge, partly wooded area to the east is worth exploring.