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Mt. Chelidhon and Mt. Kaliakoudha Central Greece

Mt. Chelidhon and Mt. Kaliakoudha lie in Sterea Ellada a.k.a. Central Greece. (Map Center left)map east sterea ellada

flowers and butterflies and stuffThese mountains are found to the south of Karpenissi in a very unspoilt and little visited area, with a vast area of Greek fir forest, gorges, high mountain tops and screes.

Mt. Chelidhon is 1975 meters (6478 feet), heavily forested, and in addition to the fir, has hawthorn, juniper and other shrubs, with flowers in the grassy clearings; butterflies in late June are spectacular here, both as to numbers and varieties, and the plant life is also very varied, with some unusual and endemic plants in the highest areas.

Mt. Kaliakoudha (2101 meters, or 6891 feet) is to the east of Mt. Helidhon, and has many of the same flowers, though a rare vetch is found here.

golden eagleThough this area is not noted as a bird site, short-toed and golden eagles have been recorded, as well as eagle and tawny owls, which breed in the forests or on the cliffs. Other birds are also found here.

The road that goes between the two mountains passes next to a gorge on the southern end where many crag martins are found, along with other birds.

To the east of Kaliadkoudha, 20 km (12.4 miles) is yet a third peak, Mt. Oxia National Park (1926 meters or 6317 feet), with beech forest, which can be reached from roads to Stavli from the Karpenissi area.

From Karpenissi, a lesser road, which goes to the monastery at Proussos, gives access to the area; a dirt road ascends Helidhon from Mikro Horio; another dirt road goes to Kaliakoudha from Megalo Horio.