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North Central Greece Mount Pilion or Pelion

pilion peninsula

Mt. Pilio (Pilion)

The hook shaped Pilio peninsula, sometimes called The Volos Peninsula, for the large city at its western edge.

Its a lovely place of old stone villages and fruit orchards, with much water and steep forests of fir, chestnut and beech, its highest point at 1600 meters (5248 feet) with Mt. Pilion on its northern end.

There is good flora both high and low, though at lower elevations it is more Mediterranean, similar to the flora in the Peloponisian hills. The peninsula in

E's falcongeneral is a good area for birds of prey including various kinds of buzzards and eagles, and the Eleonora's falcon; the higher areas and clearings are rich in butterflies.

Access both to the peninsula and its villages are easy and dirt roads lead up into the hills from most of the villages on the peninsula's east coast.

All of these roads are winding mountainous and not a place to breeze around in. Attention must be paid!