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Imvros Gorge (often spelled Imbros) see Crete guide too

gorgeThough less long and less spectacular than the better known Samaria Gorge, the Imvros Gorge has road access at either end, and can thus be explored partially if one so desires. It has good varieties of gorge flowers though less of the birds that frequent the high cliffs of the Samaria Gorge. The flowers become more specialized lower down, included the Cretan endemic sainfoin, with pink flowers, an endemic skull-cap, a comfrey relative, and a spiny spurgebellflower, to name just a few. There are also flowering shrubs and some succulents. A rare tree related to the nettle tree, which is widespread, is found here too, though often inaccessible, or wiped out by grazing. It is hot and dry in the bottom of the gorge, where yellow asphodel and spiny spurge are found; migrant birds pass through in spring. There's another gorge near the village of Anapolis at Arakhova, this one with sheer cliffs and a lovely old path. This gorge has many of the flowers and birds found in the Imvros Gorge, with some others.