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Crete's Lake Aghia

floraSouthwest of the northern coastal city of Hania, this small lake is an old reservoir, and constitutes a fine wetland habitat, though unprotected at last inspection. It is primarily a bird site, especially in spring and in autumn too, but to a lesser extent, including whiskered and black terns, marsh harriers, hirundines, gulls, and many others.

There are squacco, night, purple, and grey herons, little egrets, three kinds of warblers, and other birds around the edges of the lake, and in the reed beds. Waders add to the list;there are many amphibians and reptiles, with tree frogs plentiful, as well as green toads, heronsmarsh frogs, grass snakes, stripe-necked terrapins, lizards, dragonflies, damselflies, and butterflies.

Flora is limited, though there are some orchids of various kinds, yellow iris, and a variety of arum. A gorge to the southeast has rich flora, with a road passing through it near the village of Therisos (the road beginning to the west of Hania). There are qite a few endemic flowers found here, along with cyclamens that bloom in spiring or autumn, Cretan blue lettuce, saxifrages, and several kinds of orchids, among others. Butterflies are abundant here as well, including some interesting ones.