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Kerkyra (Corfu)

North Corfu

The peak of Mt. Pandokrator (906 meters/2972 feet) is in the northern part of the island with a diverse range of flowers, including quite a few kinds of orchids. Butterflies are also abundant in this part of the island. Around the mountain peak some special birds are found; birds of prey include peregrines and Bonelli's eagles, with golden eagles and Egyptian vultures sometimes visiting from the Albanian coast opposite.

siliniAlong the north coast is the large shallow salt-water Andinioti Lagoon, with reedbeds, salt marsh and some dunes nearby; breeding birds here include squacco heron, and whiskered terns, among others. Passage birds include glossy ibis, red-footed falcon, pygymy cormorants, and others; winter birds include great white egrets, cormorants, and sometimes the spotted eagle (from November to March). There are many kinds of flowers in the marshes, turf and dunes.

Northwest Corfu

map corfuA wide range of flowers is also found in the northwest of the island, as well as breeding birds of several kinds, reptiles, and butterflies. Yet more flowers are found near the Troupeta Pass in the high country around there; Sidhari on the north coast is a popular bird-watching area, with a small river and wetland to the east of the town.

Central Corfu

storaxIn central Kerkyra/Corfu, there are many spring flowers in olive groves and scrub, including several kinds of orchids. Remnants of wet area exist in this part of the island as well, including the Ropa Plain, where various birds and frogs are found. Booted eagles sometimes hunt over this area; quail and hoopoe are found here and two kinds of shrikes breed here as well.

Birds of passage are seen in the lagoons south of the main town (Corfu in English) and in the town itself blue rock thrushes nest around the castle.

Southern Corfu

The elongated southern part of the island has some low mountain ranges and a large lagoon at Korission. Aghios Dheka is the highest hill in this part of the island, at 576 meters, behind Benitses, an over developed coastal resort.

red footed falconMany flowers arre found in the garrigue here and in the pockets of pine woods, with a few kinds of orchids among them. The Korission lagoon on the southwest coast is a significant bird site with salt marsh reeds and sandy areas. It is an area worth visiting more than once as the types of birds to be seen there change daily.

Passage birds include such birds of prey as red-footed falcons, Eleonora's falcons, and Montagu's harriers; there are many breeding birds here and also on the dunes and sandy areas to the west of the lake.

An interesting insect related to the lacewings is found here in colonies (Nemoptera coa); much larger than the lacewings, the two hind wings are very long. Several kinds of orchids are found in the damper areas.

To the south, north of Ano Lefkimmi, are the Alikes saltpans (the name itself meaning 'saltpans'), which attract waders and other birds during passage periods. Please see my island guide about Corfu for more information.