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Kefalonia - IthakiIonian Islands

Kefalonia (often spelled Cephalonia)


This large and mountainous island boasts the little-known Mt. Ainos National Park, named for 1628 meter (5340 foot) Mt. Ainos. Established in 1962 to protect an area of very old Greek fir forest, the park is quite a bit smaller than most National Parks, covering 2240 hectares (5532 acres).

The area is noted mostly for its flowers; birds of prey are found there as well, but affected by heavy grazing. Olive groves on the island are also quite old and are good habitat for flowers and butterflies; on the coast in places are dunes and sandy areas with various plants, and there is a large wetland area at the head of the Argostoli Gulf on the west coast, with many passage birds, especially in spring.