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Kefalonia - IthakiIonian Islands

paxoi mapIonian Islands


This small island (only 25sq km) has some very old olive groves that are not sprayed and are little cultivated, thus it retains much of its natural flora and fauna.

Flowers include a wild delphinium, and several orchids, including an endemic species of tongue orchid, among many others. Other flowers and flowering shrubs are found in the limestone garrigue and cliffs, as well as cliffs by the sea. There are also plenty of birds, though the island is not noted for its bird life.

paxoi -gaios portOnly 7 miles from the coast of Corfu, Paxoi is almost entirely covered with olive trees. It has an idyllic coast with many coves and sea caves.

Its highest point is only 249 meters and the terrain slopes gently to the west. Since the islands primary means of support is tourism and olive oil production it has some of the best in the world!

Gaios (left) is one of the the islands two port and has the Panagea inlet pictured here. Lakkos is the other port in the north of the island. Even less spoiled is neighboring Antipaxoi.