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Central Macedonia: Chalkida, Kassandra Peninsula

Aghios Mamas Marsh & the Kassandra peninsula Chalkidiki

map chalkidikiThis marsh found just north of the narrow 'neck' of the Kassandra peninsula, the westernmost of the three 'fingers' of the Halkidhiki peninsula to the southeast of Thessaloniki. Given the fact that Kassandra is the most touristically developed of the three, it is surprising to find a coastal marsh in such good condition.

the coastal marsh area and beachThere are also a seasonal lagoon and sand dunes here. Large numbers of collared pratincoles breed in the saltmarsh near the lagoon in early summer, at the time that the lagoon is receding, and quite a few other birds are also found there at that time as well as frogs and waterfowl, and peregrines and marsh harriers (who hunt there), and dragonflies. The sand dunes on the coastal side are, sadly, subject to much litter, though flowers grow there despite.

The Kassandra peninsula is also worth exploring!!!. Various eagles, owls, nightjars, and other birds are found there among the low wooded hills and rocky ravines.