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Easternmost Greek Macedonia and Greek Thrace

Mt. Pangeon (Pangaion)

This little known mountain southeast of Serres, and close to the north Aegean, is very rich in flora, birds, and butterflies. Its highest point is 1956 meters (6416 feet). Some 700 species of plants have been recorded here, including some that are not found anywhere else in Greece.

flora On the lower slopes below 700 meters are kermes oak, Oriental hornbeam, prickly juniper, manna ash, wild pear, and Christ's thorn, and many flowers, including several orchids. Higher up is beech forest with main species found in central Europe, and above the tree line, alpine meadows with many flowers as well.

Many rare or special plants grow in rocky crevices. Many birds breed on the mountain, including some birds of prey, though they are not protected, and the mountain is exploited for marble and timber. Butterflies are also common. There is a road up to the TV station on the top of the mountain, but also roads up from many villages around it. On the north slope there is a nunnery, and two refuges.