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Easternmost Greek Macedonia and Greek Thrace

Nestos River valley

nestos lake at duskThe Nestos River forms the boundary between Greek Macedonia and Greek Thrace, and its lower reaches are exceptionally beautiful (not to say breath-taking). If one takes the train from Thessaloniki to Thrace, one passes along the steep river valley (which some call a gorge because of its very steep sides) which is marvelous to watch from the right side of the train, with the eye feasting on lush green foliage interspersed with patches of gleaming water.

This valley/gorge begins around the village of Paranesti and ends on the coastal plain in Thrace at the village of Toxotes, after crossing the river border into Greek Thrace. Good numbers of various birds breed in the river valley, including various eagles, vultures, and eagle owls, and there are other birds as well.

Songbirds live on the hillsides, and various birds overwinter. The valley-gorge is accessible from its southern end at Galani on the main road between Kavala and Xanthi, or from its northern end at Stavroupouli.