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North Central Greece

north greeceThis area includes most of the huge plain of Thessaly on the southern end, where cotton, grains and tobacco are cultivated. To the east of the plain is the Pilio Peninsula, a unique area with villages of stone houses in steep mountain forests, where there are many fruit and nut trees from which come a large percentage of Greece's apples, cherries, and nuts.

Predictably, all of the human activities that plague coastal areas near large urban centers (draining for construction and agriculture, dumping, hunting, etc.) has wiped out a lot of these areas and the rich wildlife that they supported, though a few remain. One of them is now a Ramsar site, encompassing the deltas of the Axios, Loudias, and Aliakmon Rivers .

Aliakmon Delta

This is the southernmost part of the three-river area (mentioned in the general introduction to Northern Greece) and described below. The most interesting places in this delta is the large lagoon west of the mouth of the Loudias and the lagoon northeast of Nea Agathoupoli, with a wide range of birds most of the year, with different birds in summer and others in winter.