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North Central Greece

north greece

This area includes most of the huge plain of Thessaly on the southern end, where cotton, grains and tobacco are cultivated.

Mt. Vermion

West of Naoussa and Veria, this is another little known, little visited mountain area, although the ski center, visited by Thessalonikians, has made it more accessible. On lower slopes are beech, sweet chesnut, hop-hornbeam and other species. Flowers are fairly abundant, and in the higher wooded area is found a unique woad, named for the mountain. There are other plants in the high rocky pastures. The peak, Mavri Petra (which means Black Rock), at 2026 meters (6645 feet), has much water because of its acidic composition, with rivulets and streams, marshy meadows and boggy places with very good flora, including several marsh orchids. This area is best approached from the east; the height of crocus season is in mid-May, though there are many other plants into the summer.