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North Central Greece

north greeceThis area includes most of the huge plain of Thessaly on the southern end, where cotton, grains and tobacco are cultivated. To the east of the plain is the Pilio Peninsula, a unique area with villages of stone houses in steep mountain forests, where there are many fruit and nut trees from which come a large percentage of Greece's apples, cherries, and nuts.

In the northwestern part of this area are lakes, which are natural, and are filled both from springs and from high rainfall. The northern border of this area is along the Greek national border with FYROM, is mountainous on both sides and with peaks all along its length, many over 2000 meters.

Mt. Voras

The name refers, not to a specific mountain, but to an area of high mountains along the Macedonian border, the western part of which is north of Lake Petron, the eastern edge roughly north of Edhessa. The highest peak, known as Kajmakalan, is 2524 meters, or 8279 feet, a mountain about which little is known. The slopes of these mountains have large beech forests, a lot of water, and are rich in flora, more Balkan than Greek; other flowers are found on the higher ridges and peaks. Special species of birds also exist in these mountains. An ancient beech forest with special protection is within this area, called Pefkoto Aridheas, reachable by road from the town of the same name, which is north of Edhessa.