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North Central Greece

north greece

This area includes most of the huge plain of Thessaly on the southern end, where cotton, grains and tobacco are cultivated.

Axios and Loudhias Delta

This delta area lies within a protected Ramsar site (internationally designated protected wetland areas), which includes the Aliakmon Delta and there are plans to construct a Ramsar visitor center (which by now, may have been established).

The Axios delta is about 20km (12.4 miles) south of Thessaloniki and is noted for its birdlife.

The wetland habitats in this river delta has been severely reduced and is now planted in rice and cotton.

Along the fringes, some unpolluted habitat remains along the coastal areas.



A rare species found in this area is the slender-billed curlew, the site third in importance in Greece for this species; among other raptors, red footed falconthe red-footed falcon is found here, and there are many species breeding birds here as well.

A huge range of bird species visit the site in winter, which makes it an excellent time to visit.

Access is from side roads that branch from the main highway (and go under it) between Athens and Thessaloniki, on the east side the one that goes to Hala.