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Greek Islands Samothraki N. E. Aegean


samothrakiAnother mountainous island in the north Aegean, southwest of Alexandhroupoli, but with a far higher peak than that of Thassos. In fact, the approach to the island is dominated by the dramatic Mt. Fengari, (Mountain of the Moon) at 1611 meters (5284 feet) which rises up abruptly out of the sea.

scops owlSamothraki has a small population, and its nature is rugged and largely unspoiled. Valleys have Oriental plane trees; lower slopes of the hills are covered with maquis vegetation: downy oak woods predominate higher up. There is some interesting flora on the island, including some rare plants, and there are quite a few kinds of ferns and related plants. Bird life is similar to that of Thassos, with some birds of prey lower down (sparrohawk, peregrine, buzzard, common kestrel), and in the villages there are scops owls. Boats to Samothraki are from both Kavala and Alexandhroupoli. This would be a fabulous island to approach on a sailboat or other private boat, because of its dramatic green profile.