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Greek Islands Thassos N. E. Aegean


thassos mapThis almost circular north Aegean island, known for its greenness, lies almost due south of the Nestos River Delta. It is a mountainous island, its highest peak, Mt. Ipsali, at 1203 meters (3946 feet), and is mostly wooded, especially on the east side with pine and fir, and other trees.

The woods have good flora, as do the cliffs and rocky clearings, with different plants above the tree line (900 meters), where there is rocky grassland, including herbs like thyme and marjoram, whose flowers are visited by the bees who produce the island's well known honey.

Limenaria ThassosA rare small St. John's-wort grows on some areas with scree high up. There is nice birdlife amid the olive groves and scrub areas on the island, including a couple kinds of buntings, woodlarks, and nightjars, all which are quite voluble.

One gets to the island via boat from Kavala, just to the northwest.