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The Northwest Mt. Kerketio

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Mt. Kerketio (also known as Mt. Koziakas)

This mountain is one of many over 2000 meters (6560 feet) in the area west of Kalambaka (near Meteora) and Trikala (south of Kalambaka) and one of the few named on maps.

The area is quite large and is beautiful forested mountain country with almost no road and almost no visitors.

A road that passes around the area which branches from the main E92/N 6 road to the northwest of Kalambaka, which passes through Kastanea.

It goes up over a pass and then descends to 'three rivers' and continues south and then east to Pili, not far from Trikala.

Near the village of Pertouli, there is a protected forest area of the same name, which is west of Kerketio, in which there are large stands of Greek fir and also a hybrid fir.

Oak and beeches are also present, and Oriental planes in the valleys.

mountains are ubiquitusFlowers and butterflies are abundant in clearings, especially in the valleys. Mt. Koziakas is a limestone mountain, whereas the northern part of this area has acidic rocks. It is most accessible from the south, from the village of Elati.

On the dirt road up to it is forest with hybrid fir, and the mountain is very rich in flowers.

myrtleBirds have been less studied in this area, but birds of prey are known to live here. There are breedinggriffons and Egyptian vultures, booted and golden eagles, and many other birds.

There is a picturesque limestone gorge at Pili with a very old church at its mouth and a pack-horse bridge.