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Introduction The Peloponnese

peloponnese mapOn this page the focus is Greece in its aspect as home to some of the worlds most beautiful nature spots and specifically those of the Peloponnese the southernmost tip of the Balkan peninsula. 

Others may take the KTEL bus from Athens or the train both for short change. The more adventurous can hitchhike, hike, or even rent a car.

Tcorinth canalhe truth is the Peloponnese has it all:
Natural beauty, ancient sights, medieval castles, monasteries, fortresses, bridges, gorges, caves, rivers and mountains and beaches, really nice beaches!

Even though the name of this large peninsula means 'Pelops Islands', it has long been connected to the Greek mainland to the north by the narrow isthmus through which the Corinth Canal was cut, and ecologically resembles the mainland.

It is a very large, mountainous, and for the most part sparsely populated region, with vast and extremely varied wild terrain, with many kinds of wildlife habitats.