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Lousios Gorge

lousion gorge bridgeHiking in Lousios Gorge Trek or hike, in this beautiful canyon in the Peloponnese. You may also visit the monasteries cut into the side of the cliff.

Consider A two day tour visiting both the ancient site of Olympia and the Lousios Gorge, a beautiful mix of history with nature. This is a a tad off the beaten track.

For you hikers this is only a 5km hike so not too big a strain on the less active among you. There are various trails one can follow and you will cross the bridge (photo above) which crosses the Lousios River.  Village after village will unfold before you as you walk in some really pristine scenery complete with, in places, small waterfalls. In Greek Myth the king of  the Gods; Zeus himself; was supposed to have bathed in the river Lousios. Its spectacular setting and lush surrounding will enchant you and hearken ye back to ancient Greece