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bee eaterMt. Erimanthos

South of Patras, this name, like Chelmos, describes an area of mountains, in this case very high ones, rising to 2221 meters (7285 feet) within an area that could be described as wildnerness, though largely devoid of forest,with the exception of some patches of pine and fir here and there.

In these wooded places are found Greek hellebores, found nowhere else in the Peloponnese, though they are common on the Greek mainland.

Also found in these woods are foxgloves, orchids, thistles, sturekieastern bugle, among other plants.

Higher up there are some special plants, though not easy to locate; a rare bellflower relative grows here in its only Peloponnesian site, and there are many kinds of butterflies. The mountain is accessible from Kaletzi on the west or close to Vlasia on the northeast.