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allepo pineMt. Menalo

Northwest of Tripoli, this mountain rises to 1980 meters (6494 feet), its slopes covered with Greek fir, and bare on top. It is easily accessed by the road that goes up to the ski station in combination with the Corinth-Tripoli road. It has many flowers on its lower slopes in early spring, including a special yellow crocus, alpine squill, a dwarf iris, and many more.

Fields farther down are covered with a rare, yellow-flowered cornfield weed in the barberry family as well as blue speedwell and various forms of the spider orchid; there are also many butterflies. There are many flowers higher up later in the summer, including foxglove, campanula, and many others, with butterflies and insects common in the forest clearings, many grasshoppers and beetles among them. There are many bee-hives on this mountain. Shrikes and ravens are seen overhead.