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Mt. Panakhaiko

greek firThis is the mountain that looms over Patras and the coast near it, which is also called Voida, the name of its highest peak (1926 meters or 6317 feet). Its flora and fauna resemble those of Helmos and Erimanthos, minus the special species found on those mountains.

Trees include Greek fir and pine, though the woods here have been much diminished both by over-grazing and by fire. There are quite a few plants above the tree line, and the eastern area of the range is an important bird area, including the Selinoundas River gorge and the area east to Mt. Klokas, with partially wooded mountains and large roadless areas.

Peregrines, Bonelli's eagles, booted eagles, honey buzzards, and rock partridges, and eagle owls are among the birds found here. There was a very good colony of breeding griffon vultures in the Selinoundas gorge (the only such colony in the Peloponnese) which has declined due to illegal shooting. Access to this range is easy from many directions, via both paved and dirt roads.