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finchesMt. Parnon

This mountain rises to 1934 meters (6344 feet) above a very large area of rolling countryside in the northeast Peloponnese, an area very sparsely populated and very unspoilt.

Beautiful iris and periwinkle, orchids, peacock anemones, cornfield weeds, wild tulips and many other flowers can be seen here in early spring; steppe-breeding birds are found here. Syrian juniper is found here (and nowhere else in Europe).

Near Mt. Parnon are sizeable forests of Greek fir, stinking juniper, black pine and Pinus brutia; flowers include many species. Below the highest peak, to the west, is a valley of the type known as 'polje' common in limestone mountains in Greece, with rich flora, butterflies and birdlife. Special flowers grow on the high bare slopes of the mountain, with some of the best of these on the east side down towards Kastanitsa. There are quite a few trails few this area.