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The Basics

Quick Facts: Lesvos
Alternate Names Mytilini
Alternate Spellings Lesbos
Transportation Air, ferry, hydrofoil
Main Attractions Trekking, birdwatching, thermal springs, festivals
Food Many excellent choices
Accommodations Many excellent choices

Lesvos Page 1

greek island of lesvosLesvos is the third largest island Greece and its population over 100,000 by some estimates. The island has a land mass of 1,630 and a coastline of 370 km. It is 6.5 nautical miles from Turkey and 187 from Piraeus. Lesvos is steeped in history, culture and natural beauty. It receives plenty of tourism but is large enough to absorb it gracefully with room for everyone.

greek island of lesvosgreek island of lesvosYou could easily spend a couple of weeks getting to know this island. Mytilini is the capital and the name most Greeks use to refer to the island.

Predominantly mountainous, its highest peak is Olympos at 940 meters above sea level. The south and east of the island contain fertile valleys covered with olive groves, sheep grazing and plenty of water.

Island Features

greek island of lesvosgreek island of lesvos Lesvos claims to have close to 13,000,000 olive trees on its flatter sections and produces the best olive oil in Greece. There are chestnut and pine forests on its upper slopes. Horses are bred on the island.

Lesvos has good roads and is best seen with a scooter or rented car. The beaches are long and sandy.

Traditional life is strong in the villages, 15 of which have been named as traditional settlements.

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