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Drinking and Dining

The best choices are in Myrina, where you will find traditional cafes and taverna along the waterfront. There are decent eateries in the smaller villages as well, but not as many choices.


Li mnos  Greek IslandSee our Greece hotels for a complete look at accommodations available on this island.


Limmos' earliest inhabitants date from 4000 BC and were the most advanced Neolithic civilization of the Aegean. Some think that they were the first to colonize ancient Troy. They were non Greek and no one is really sure where they came from. During the Persian war, the Limnians captured some Athenian women and had children by them. When the children began putting on airs, the Limnians slaughtered them, giving rise the the phrase Limnian deeds, which means something especially atrocious. The gods punished them by making the woman and animals barren, and the only cure was to surrender their independence to Athens.

The Venetians took Limnos in the 13th Century. Later the Turks held the island. During the Gallipoli campaign, Moudros Bay was the Allied naval base.

Hints from Harry

Bus service is not up to par on Limnos. Try renting a car or motorcycle instead. See more pictures of Limnos.

The Complete Details

Helpful Information Transportation Facts
  • By Air: Twice a day from Athens
  • once a day from Thessaloniki
  • and 3 times a week with Lesvos
  • By Sea: Ferries depart from Piraeus 3 times a week, 22 hrs, 22 EU
  • Hydrofoils depart from Rafina 3 times a week, 10 hrs. 42 EU
  • To Thessaloniki twice weekly
  • To Kavala 4 times a week
  • to Lesvos, Chios, Aghios Efstratios, Samothrace and
    Alexandroupolis at least once a week.
Island Resources
  • Limnos Myrina Ambulance Tel: 22-166
  • Tel. Code:0254
  • Postal Code: 84100
  • Pronounced 'Leem nos'
  • Limnos Myrina Hospital Tel: 22-222/23333
  • Limnos Myrina Police/ Tel: 22-200/1
  • Limnos Airport/ Tel: 31-294
  • National Bank, El.Venizelou Sq., 24hr ATM
  • Limnos Arch. Museum/Tel: 22-990, Tu-Su,9-3
  • Bus Station, El.Venizelou Sq. / Tel; 22-464
  • Taxi Stand, El.Venizelou Sq. / Tel: 23-820
  • OTE, El.Venizelou Sq. / Tel:22-299
  • Post Office, El.Venizelou Sq./ Tel:22-462

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