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Drinking and Dining

The Samian wine, made famous by Lord Byron, is not to be missed. There are good eateries in every town and village. Many good choices are along the waterfront.


samos greek islandsSee our Greece hotels for a complete look at accommodations available on this island.


The philosopher/mathematician Pythagoras was from Samos as well as many other luminaries. It is the birthplace of Hera. In addition the the dallying of Zeus and Hera, this island was also a favorite of Anthony and Cleopatra. The romantic aura of Samos lives on today in this popular honeymoon spot.

This island has always been one of the most important in Greece. There was a savage forest fire in July 2000, but many of its hills are still emerald green.

Hints from Harry

Hiking on Samos' percipitous cliffs is dangerous, a young English tourist fell and died recently. Be careful. See more photo's of Samos.

The Complete Details

Helpful Information Transportation Facts
  • By Air: There are 4 flights a day from Athens, €55 and 2 per week to Thessaloniki.
  • By Ferry: Its a 12 hour ferry ride from Piraeus and costs €25.
  • Samos is linked to Mykonos, Lesvos and Syros once a week. Naxos and Paros 5 times a week.
  • Chios and Fourni 4 times a week.
  • Turkey and Ephesus twice a day, €25 plus Greek port tax, €18 plus Turkish port tax, €12, plus a visa must be purchased in Turkey: $100 for US citizens, 10 quid for Brits, 15 for the Irish. If you spend the night you pay the Turkish tax again on your way out! Have a kali mera! (nice day).
Island Resources
  • Tel. code:0273
  • Postal Code: 83100
  • Ambulance Tel: 166
  • Samos Airport Tel: 61-555
  • Hospital Tel: 27-426/ 27-407
  • Samos Port Tel: 27-318
  • Health CenterTel: 32-222
  • Karlovasi Port Tel: 30-888
  • Police Emergency Tel: 100
  • Pythgoreio Port Tel: 61-255
  • Police Tel: 27-980
  • Samos Library Tel: 27-216
  • Tourist Police (seasonal) Tel: 27-404
  • Samos Archeological Museum Tel: 27-469, Tu- Su, 8-2:30
  • Taxis, Pythagorous Sq. Tel: 28-404
  • Olympic Airlines/ Tel: 27-237
  • OTE, next to Post Office, 7 am - 10pm
  • Post Office, behind Hotel Xenia, 7:30- 2pm

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