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Hints from Harry

There's a hundred year old bakery in Chora that is well-known for its wonderful bread. Don't miss a taste of that.

The Complete Details

Helpful Information Transportation Facts
  • By Air: There are 3 flights a day from Athens to Alexandroupolis in N. Greece.
  • By Ferry: Ferries connect from Alexandroupolis, 3 hrs, €12, 2 to 3 times a day
  • Hydrofoils connect with Kavala, Thassos and Limnos at least once a week if weather permits as well as Alexandroupolis
  • There is bus service on the island, as well as car and moped rental.
Island Resources
  • Tel. Code: 0551
  • Postal Code: 68002
  • Kamioritsa Port Police, waterfront Tel: 41-305
  • Pharmacy Tel: 41-581
  • Ambulance Tel: 166
  • OTE, in mini mart, uphill left of port
  • Police Tel: 41-203
  • Sanctuary of the Gods, Paleopolis, 6 km east of Kamioritsa, Tu-Sun 8:30-8:30
  • National Bank, waterfront, M-Fr 'till 1:30 pm
  • Archeological Museum, Paleopolis Tel: 41-474, Tu-Su, 8:30-3pm
  • Therma Therapeutic Springs, 6am-11am, 4pm-7pm

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