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Rethymnon Prefecture Continued Page Six

the venetian harborJust south of here are the Public Gardens which were laid out during the Ottoman period, near the Turkish cemetery. The Rethymnon Wine Festival is held here during the last days of July as well as a Handcrafts Exhibit.. These gardens were converted in 1923 from what had been the Turkish cemetery adjacent to the Sultana's mosque (dedicated to the Sultan's mother) just outside the Guora Gate.

On Wednesdays, there is a weekly market/fair off of Odos Kanzantzaki.

the rimondi fountainthe rimondi fountain planThe Rimondi Fountain (left and right) One of the 'markers' for the part of the city of Rethymnon most attractive to visitors, the other being the Venetian Loggia (below right), both are on Paleologou, at opposite ends.

The fountain's water flows from lion head taps into a marble basin , (resembling the fountain in the town of Spili, below) and was built by J. Rimondi, the Rector, in 1626, on the site of a previous fountain. There are Corinthian half-columns and a decorated cornice. One of two columns remains that supported the old dome that covered the bowl. This is the best known of several fountains scattered throughout the town.

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