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North of Andros Town

To the northeast of Andreos Town in Apoikia are the Sariza Therapeutic Springs. You can taste the waters at the spring. North of the spring is the 18th century Monastery of St. Nikolaos.

Stenies is another attractive village to the north of Apoikia and has handsome houses belonging to sea captains and sailors.


Head southwest of Andros Town for 18km to find the rocky plateau and the ruined Venetian Palaiokastro. It was built between 1207 and 1233 and is called the Castle of the Old Woman. The name arose after a woman betrayed the Venetians to the Turks in the 16th Century by tricking her way into the castle and opening the gates for the Turks. She was appalled by the bloody massacre that resulted and leaped off a cliff in remorse. The rock from which she jumped is Tis Grias to Pidima, or Old greece greek islands travel tourism guide andros cycladesLady's Leap. The famous rock is near Korthio.

Gavrion, the main port

Gavrion (or Gavrio), where all ferries dock, on the NW corner of the island is 34 km from Andros Town. Long a windblown little port, it is seeing better times with the addition of new paving stones, flower beds and other public works. Gavrion is in the process of turning its beach, rooms, pensions, bars and restaurants into an alternative during high season, when most of the rest of the island is fully booked.

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