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Gavrion and the Surrounding Area

greece greek islands travel tourism guide andros cycladesGavrion is the main port, the ferry quay, and is located on the northwest coast. It's a 40 minute walk up to the Pyrgos Ag. Petros, the best preserved monument on Andros. The tower stands 70 feet high, with an inner wall still bearing a corbelled dome. The tower may have been a watchtower, but its actual purpose is lost to history. The upper reaches of the tower were reached by footholds and an internal ladder.

Even further North another medieval garrison tower is preserved at Makrotalanto. And North of that the villages of Kalyvari and Varidi are overlooked by the remains of Fortress Vrikokastro. Upper and Lower Felos Villages have two notable churches; The Church of the Transfiguration and Aghios Haralambos.

There are good beaches north of Gavrion at Fellos beach and beyond the nearby village of Verasmia.

Batsi Area and Resort

greece greek islands travel tourism guide andros cycladesBuilt around a wide bay Batsi has a little fishing harbor and small village with many labyrinthine streets. Batsi is 6km south of the port at Gavrion. A tranquil setting unusual for the rugged Andros distinguishes Batsi.

A family-style resort, the beach at Batsi fills up quite quickly during season. Those requiring less in the way of bathing accoutrements head down the coast a bit to Delavoyas Beach. A path ascends fro Batsi to the garden-like village of Arnas on the slopes of Andros highest peak Mt. Petalos (994m).

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