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folegandrros pholegandros cycladesfolegandrros pholegandros cycladesHigh on the sheer cliffs sits Folegandros Town, or Hora. It perches some 900 feet above sea level. It is home to 600 inhabitants and the Cycladic Center of Art.

Cars are only permitted on its outskirts and many of its stone houses face inland. There's a quaint old quarter around the Kastro or castle. The Castles outer walls, built in 1212 by Marco Sanudo, incorporate an external row of houses. Two entrances remain of the castle itself and within, a labyrinthine maze of cobbled alleyways and white houses with wooden balconies bedecked with flowers and bouganvilleas. The 17th Century Church of Pantanassa and 2 smaller churches serve the needs of parishoners.

folegandrros pholegandros cycladesfolegandrros pholegandros cycladesThe more recent sections of town have dazzling white houses, narrow streets, and many courtyards. The town revolves around its four linked squares or Plateas. The first of which is tree lined and containing most of its tavernas, is the center of nightly activity.

The second is much quieter. The third has cafes and is popular with the locals.

The fourth square holds the Post Office while the others have stores, cafes, tavernas and open spaces. Shops in Hora sell the local flowered pottery with its decorative handles.

Near the Hora is Chryssolilia, the golden cave. It is approachable by water taxi and has stalagmites and stalactities. It was a refuge in times past. The large grotto containing the golden cave was used in antiquity for ancient cult rituals. It posseses some ancient tombs and Classical-era inscriptions.

Buses depart from the far side of town to Ano Mera (5km) surrounded by terraced fields, as well as to other village and beaches around the island.

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